English speaking dentist in Nakameguro Tokyo.2 minutes from Nakameguro Station West Exit, which hosts the Tokyu Toyoko and Hibiya Lines.General dental care/Preventive dental care/Premium PMTC Cleaning/Orthodontics (mouthpiece orthodontics)/Aesthetic Dentistry/Whitening/Implants & Dental Oral Surgery

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We want to be a dental clinic full of smiles that can balance health and beauty.

Under the guidance of the Medical Corporation Company Eikoukai, we opened Smile Hills Dental Practice NAKAMUGURO in Nakameguro, where I was born and raised. My grandfather opened an obstetrics and gynecology clinic in 1982,which was passed down to my mother, who opened Nakameguro Ophthalmology in 1999.  As a home medical professional rooted in the community with three generations of parents and children, I hope to be of service to everyone. Smile Hills Dental Practice NAKAMEGURO is based on the theme of a place where everyone can smile. In the modern age, the dental IQ in Japan has become very high and dental clinics are no longer a place to go only when suffering pain symptoms. It is for building confidence in your teeth and to build connections with that beautiful smile. For women, it will be like going to a beauty salon. For men, it is not only for health but also to heighten their sense of style.We aim to be a dental clinic that everyone can go casually go to without hesitation.

Pursuing the best treatment for patient health and smiles

What kind of dental care is good for patients?
We believe that the patient’s ability to relax in a familiar environment, have his/her troubles and concerns addressed, and receive a detailed response created from that will lead to patient’s satisfaction. Smile Hills Dental Practice NAKAMEGUROl will continue to move forward in order to provide the best treatment for each and every person in the community.

Smile Hills Dental Practice NAKAMEGURO 6 Features

Treatment that values the patient’s emotional wellbeing.

Each person has his or her own feelings regarding dental treatment. We will listen to these feelings and requests from each patient and propose the best treatment method taking it into account. Then, after a thorough discussion, consent and understanding, we will start treatment. We make it a point communicate well and make informed consent.

Reducing pain as much as possible

Avoiding drilling and tooth removal”Minimally invasive treatment”

“I don’t want my teeth to be drilled.” “I don’t want to get painful treatment.” “I want to leave my teeth as it is.” These are very common concerns people have. In order to respond to these and reduce the burden on patients, we learn and practice “minimally invasive treatment,”
which avoids tooth extraction and drilling as much as possible.I would like people who have dental anxiety to be at peace when receiving treatment at our clinic.

Countermeasures taken against in-clinic infections so patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.

In order to prevent infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, Smile Hills Dental Practice NAKAMUGURO has introduced measures to thoroughly prevent nosocomial infections. Each instrument is packed into a special bag called a sterilization pack to prevent bacteria from adhering to the instrument, and sterilization involves utilizing Europe’s highest standard (B-level sterilizers), which have stricter standards than in Japan.

Prevention of splash infection with a dental external vacuum

When drilling teeth and metal fragments during treatment, water, saliva, invisible dust, etc. are scattered in the air. Among them are viruses and various bacteria, which can be transmitted via droplets in the air. Smile Hills Dental Practice NAKAMEGURO utilizes a dental external vacuum to thoroughly prevent infection of patients.

Treatment in a completely private room with consideration for privacy

In completely private rooms equipped large screen displays, patients can relax and address their worries and concerns without hesitation. We also have a semi-closed treatment room with plenty of space. Our dental chairs provide comfort and cushioning support similar to that of a quality sofa.

Premium PMTC Cleaning by a Dental Hygienist

Out-of-insurance premium PMTC cleaning is different from the typical tartar removal covered by insurance. It is possible to do everything from the removal of tartar under the gum line to the removal of stain and biofilm and to the enamel pack carefully in one session.
This out-of-insurance treatment is 10,000 yen with consumption tax, but it is considered preventative treatment that will help avoid more costly treatments down the line. By all means we encourage you to try it at least once. We are sure you will be satisfied with the results.


Director/DentistNao Sugimoto

Nao Sugimoto / Head Director

  • 2013 Graduated from Tsurumi University School of Dentistry
  • Employed by a dental clinic in Tokyo for 7 years
  • London Barts and The London School of Medicine and Medicine
  • Training at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry
About Out-of-Insurance Treatment
Dental Implant Treatment

Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants will result in a natural chewing feeling and the beautiful appearance will be restored.
In the place of the lost tooth, an artificial tooth root is placed in your jawbone with an artificial tooth/crown installed on the dental implant.
There is no need to touch your other healthy teeth.

Single tooth dental implant treatment ranges from ¥ 200,000.- to ¥ 500,000.-, with an additional surgery cost of ¥100,000.- to ¥300,000.- if needed.
If there is adequate width and height of the bone for the implant area, there will be no additional costs. Unfortunately, it is common for the bone to be missing or deficient in shape and size where the tooth has been extracted. Bone grafting may be necessary, which will increase the cost of treatment.

There are also some other complications and risks linked to dental implants such as:
  • Nerve injury: This causes pain, numbness or paresthesia in the surrounding tissues (e.g. teeth, gums, lips or chin)
  • Tissue necrosis: The cells in the flap of tissue around the implant may die (approximately 1 in 20 cases).
  • Gingival recession: The gingiva next to the dental implant may recede to expose the metal abutment that holds the prosthetic in place.
  • Excessive bleeding
  • A dental abutment or an artificial tooth might get loose after installment.

As well as your natural tooth, without proper maintenance it is possible for the bone around the dental implant to lose bone mass. We highly recommend a typical maintenance visit scheduled every three months to ensure proper care.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance of teeth, gums and/or bite.
Our clinic utilizes metal free all ceramic and zirconia inlays, crowns, and bridges so your gums will not blacken. We also whiten your teeth to that of a natural color so that your teeth do not appear mismatched. A healthy appearance will allow for a confident and true smile. We want to give you more options so you can find one that suits you the best.

Price range 10,000 – 300,000 JPY 
(*It depends on a treatment)

Complications and Risks
  • 【Teeth Whitening】
    The two side effects that occur most often with teeth whitening are a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity and mild irritation of the soft tissues of the mouth, particularly the gums.
  • 【All ceramic crowns】
    Ceramic crowns are not as strong and durable as metal inlays/crowns.
  • 【All ceramic inlays】
    We need to drill your tooth more so than with a metal inlay because of the proper thickness needed.
  • 【Laminate Veneer】
    It cannot be used for your back teeth. It may come off depending on your bite problem.
  • 【Metal ceramic crowns】
    It is less aesthetically pleasing than all ceramic crowns because it has metal inside. After a certain period of time, aging or traumatic brushing will cause the metal skeleton to show and the gumline will turn slightly grey.