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Aesthetic Dentistry

Treatment that takes into account functionality and health, not just the aesthetics

What comes to mind when you hear the word aesthetics? Many people think of cosmetic surgery or beauty salons. Aesthetic dentistry refers to the field of comprehensive dental care that focuses on beauty. However, it is not the unnaturally pure white tooth, but the ultimate goal of aesthetic dental treatment is to restore natural beauty that cannot be distinguished from natural teeth even from the eyes of dental experts. Even if the teeth age, turn brown, have their bite reduced, or are poorly shaped, if they are in perfect harmony and the surrounding teeth and function like natural teeth there will be a very natural beauty to them.

We deliver accessible beauty that mimics the natural shine of a tooth to everyone.

In older dental technology, it was very difficult to perform treatment to a level that could not be distinguished from natural teeth. In this day and age, that has now become commonplace. Many people have been convinced that only by paying a high treatment cost for ceramic and whitening can they get satisfactory results. But now the times are different. The beauty of teeth is not born only by color and shape, but also by adding natural beauty to them. We want to deliver the shining, natural beauty of teeth to everyone.


Whitening Gives You the Shine and Confidence in your Teeth.

Whitening is a method of whitening teeth with medication without shaving them. The cause of tooth discoloration can be from tobacco, coffee, tea, etc. These can be reduced quite a bit just by cleaning, but there are limitations as they cannot remove pigments that have subsided into the teeth, the yellowing of teeth, or the enamel due to aging. White teeth are very important not only for women, but also for men in the business scene. Rather than having your teeth whitened to be white, have your teeth whitened to have confidence in your smile.

The No.1 Whitening System in Japan

Smile Hills Dental Practice NAKAMEGURO has adopted Beyond Whitening, which is the No.1 teeth whitening technology in Japan.
We are one of the clinics that have in possession the latest high-class whitening machine by Beyond POLUS. Compared to conventional equipment, this Beyond POLUS can reduce pain by adjusting the output, allowing you to receive treatment comfortably.

Beyond Whitening was designed to be safe with a strong whitening effect while reducing harmful UV rays and excessive heat generation.
Conventional whitening machines utilize only halogens, but what we use can achieve more reliable whitening with a combination of halogens, LEDs, and ultrasonic waves. It is a whitening system that takes into account not only the results but also the safety of the patient.

Orthodontic treatment (mouthpiece orthodontics/ Mouthpiece alignment correction) or (A clear, self-removable orthodontic appliance)

By improving the alignment of teeth, we think not only about appearance, but also about the health of the whole body.

Orthodontic treatment not only improves teeth alignment, but also improves the bite between the upper and lower jaw. This is extremely important for overall beauty and health.Not only for aesthetics, teeth alignment can also improve one’s health.

With mouthpiece correction, Continue your daily life without hindrance

Mouthpiece alignment correction is a transparent mouthpiece-shaped correction device that does not use brackets or wires.
Smile Hills Dental Practice NAKAMEGURO utilizes the mouthpiece correction device “ASO aligner”, an elaborate mouthpiece straightening device made in Japan. Because this mouthpiece correction device is transparent, it is inconspicuous during the treatment period and has great advantages such as being able to remove it at meal time. In order to achieve the ideal tooth alignment, the mouthpiece is molded and created multiple times, with each one moving the tooth little by little. It is important to emphasize that the correction only happens when the mouthpiece is put on.

Benefits of Mouthpiece Correction

Transparent by nature, treatment is inconspicuous.

In the case of mouthpiece correction, such as an ASO aligner, it is transparent and inconspicuous, so people around you will not notice that you are having orthodontic treatment.
For those in the service industry or those that work in front of others, this is a huge boon as they can have their teeth corrected without being noticed.


Since conventional correction uses brackets and wires, there are many disadvantages such as the blatant metal appearance and food debris getting stuck.
In the case of mouthpiece correction, it can be removed when eating or brushing teeth. Because it is possible to brush teeth without interference, it is possible to keep your oral environment clean.

Treatment Begins Immediately.

ASO aligner is ideal for those who want to start treatment immediately (It takes two weeks to make a mouthpiece) because treatment can be started in as little as 14 days from the first clinic visit after additional diagnosis and molding.

**If you need us to make a 3D simulation of the final outcome, it will take an extra 14 days before making the first tray.

Less Pain Compared to Traditional Methods

In the case of wire correction, the forced applied from the wire will result in pain through its daily corrections. In the case of mouthpiece correction, three types of mouthpieces with differing thicknesses are used every 7-14 days, so you can move your teeth gently little by little with your own chewing force. It is a treatment device that is less likely to cause pain compared to conventional correction.

Tooth Decay Treatment during Teeth Alignment Correction is Possible.

ASO aligner is molded and produced every time with adjustments, so it is possible to treat cavities even during orthodontic treatment.

Whitening at the Same Time

Whitening (home whitening) can be performed during the period the ASO aligner mouthpiece is used. This tray is removable by nature, so whitening at the clinic is also possible.

Mouthpiece Alignment Correction Therapeutic Precautions

  • With no problems with the bite of the back teeth, correction of the front teeth or tooth gaps is possible.
    However, through ASO aligner (clear liner), complex control of teeth correction to treat tooth extraction or misalignment between the upper and lower jaw can be very difficult.
  • Mouthpiece correction also has a big advantage in that the device can be removed. But because the device can be easily removed, treatment does not proceed unless the patient sticks to a time schedule that has been determined responsibly. ASO aligner (clear liner) is a treatment that requires full cooperation of the patient because correction power applies only when the device is attached. It is ideal to wear it for 17 hours a day, including bedtime. If this requirement is not met, the teeth do not move to the desired target position, which may extend the duration of treatment or delay satisfactory results.
  • Please remove the ASO aligner (clear liner) during meal time.
  • Since it is a correction device whose treatment period and results are influenced by you, it is important to have a good understanding of proper use.

Implant Treatment and Oral Surgery

Natural Chewing Comfort and Beautiful Aesthetic Recovery

Implant treatment is where implants (artificial root) are embedded in the location where the tooth was lost. This will result in a natural chewing feeling and the beautiful appearance is restored. Because the implant, which is different from dentures, binds firmly to the jaw bone, it can be said that chewing hard food items can be achieved without problems.However, there are some limitations to performing implant treatment. For example, the bone mass of the jaw needs to be sufficient.
In addition, there are some points that need to be considered, such as the need for the surgery and the relatively high cost of treatment due to it being out-of-insurance medical treatment. However, since it is a treatment that allows you to enjoy meals and conversations without worrying, many people opt for it in recent years.
Smile Hills Dental Practice NAKAMEGURO, in line with the patient’s requests, will provide the best implant treatment through the proposals made in consideration to the examination and diagnosis.

Benefits of Implant Treatment

The joy of biting and chewing in the same way as one’s own teeth

The joy of being able to taste food with the same chewing comfort as your teeth is indeed possible. The implant, unlike dentures and bridges, is firmly fixed to the bone, so you can chew hard food with force. It does not impair the delicious taste of a meal that comes from chewing.

A full smile in front of others without embarrassment

Implants have the same beauty as natural teeth. It is very difficult to differentiate between your natural teeth and an implant. Unlike dentures and bridges, you can’t see any metal, so you can laugh in front of people without restraint. It frees you from worrying about people seeing your teeth or your teeth falling off. You can engross yourself in chatting and laughing, which leads to improved physical and mental health.

The bone where your tooth was lost does not lose bone density

When a tooth is lost, the transmission of the force sent to the bone through the root by the act of chewing disappears. The bone will gradually think that its role is finished, and lose bone density. Because the bone becomes thin even after a denture or a bridge is installed, there is a possibility that symptoms such as food clogging and bad texture may come out.In the case of implants, the chewing power is firmly transmitted to the bone, so through the transmission the bone is kept strong, and the bone does not lose bone density over time.

Because the bite becomes well-balanced, face distortion is minimalized

If a denture is only located on one side, it is not possible to bite firmly. As a result, the balance of the muscles may become lost and the shape of the face and jaw may become distorted.
With implants, as with natural teeth the bite will be well balanced, and problems such as jaw and face distortion is less likely to occur. maintaining the original balance and beauty.

Implant Treatment Precautions

  • Implants are not covered by health insurance and become out-of-insurance medical care, so treatment costs are high. However, it may be eligible for medical expense deduction when you file your tax return. (Click here for details on medical expense deductions.)
  • In implant surgery, an implant body (artificial root) is embedded into the jaw bone. Depending on the patient, the treatment period can be between 3 to 10 months.
  • If you have a systemic disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure, due to the increased risk for surgery we may not be able to perform such treatment. For more information, please contact the clinic.
  • Artificial teeth attached from implant treatment do not become cavities. However the jaw bone location the implant is inserted in can be infected by a disease called peri-implantitis. Regular check-ups and proper maintenance is required for the implant to function over the long term.

Oral surgery

Providing safe treatment in cooperation with specialists

In addition to general dental care to treat tooth decay and periodontal disease, we can also deal with surgical treatment such as mouth injuries, wisdom teeth or mandibular arthropathy, temporomandibular disorders, stomatitis, etc. We will cooperate with specialists in oral surgery and proceed with treatment. Concerning the process, we will confirm the oral environment, review and diagnosis the problem, then enter treatment. Feel free to come to us for consultation.

Main Treatments
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Stomatitis
  • Maxillofacial Trauma
  • Wisdom Tooth
  • Mandibular Anthropathy
About Out-of-Insurance Treatment
Dental Implant Treatment

Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants will result in a natural chewing feeling and the beautiful appearance will be restored.
In the place of the lost tooth, an artificial tooth root is placed in your jawbone with an artificial tooth/crown installed on the dental implant.
There is no need to touch your other healthy teeth.

Single tooth dental implant treatment ranges from ¥ 200,000.- to ¥ 500,000.-, with an additional surgery cost of ¥100,000.- to ¥300,000.- if needed.
If there is adequate width and height of the bone for the implant area, there will be no additional costs. Unfortunately, it is common for the bone to be missing or deficient in shape and size where the tooth has been extracted. Bone grafting may be necessary, which will increase the cost of treatment.

There are also some other complications and risks linked to dental implants such as:
  • Nerve injury: This causes pain, numbness or paresthesia in the surrounding tissues (e.g. teeth, gums, lips or chin)
  • Tissue necrosis: The cells in the flap of tissue around the implant may die (approximately 1 in 20 cases).
  • Gingival recession: The gingiva next to the dental implant may recede to expose the metal abutment that holds the prosthetic in place.
  • Excessive bleeding
  • A dental abutment or an artificial tooth might get loose after installment.

As well as your natural tooth, without proper maintenance it is possible for the bone around the dental implant to lose bone mass. We highly recommend a typical maintenance visit scheduled every three months to ensure proper care.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance of teeth, gums and/or bite.
Our clinic utilizes metal free all ceramic and zirconia inlays, crowns, and bridges so your gums will not blacken. We also whiten your teeth to that of a natural color so that your teeth do not appear mismatched. A healthy appearance will allow for a confident and true smile. We want to give you more options so you can find one that suits you the best.

Price range 10,000 – 300,000 JPY 
(*It depends on a treatment)

Complications and Risks
  • 【Teeth Whitening】
    The two side effects that occur most often with teeth whitening are a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity and mild irritation of the soft tissues of the mouth, particularly the gums.
  • 【All ceramic crowns】
    Ceramic crowns are not as strong and durable as metal inlays/crowns.
  • 【All ceramic inlays】
    We need to drill your tooth more so than with a metal inlay because of the proper thickness needed.
  • 【Laminate Veneer】
    It cannot be used for your back teeth. It may come off depending on your bite problem.
  • 【Metal ceramic crowns】
    It is less aesthetically pleasing than all ceramic crowns because it has metal inside. After a certain period of time, aging or traumatic brushing will cause the metal skeleton to show and the gumline will turn slightly grey.